Thinking globally, acting locally, and proving that there is still lots of magic in this world!


Founded by Hannah Opdyke, 5th generation local store owner, and Ben Duensing, who grew up on the banks of the Delaware River, the Sunbeam General Store is committed to providing the people of the area, and all who pass that way, a place to find a wide assortment of interesting and practical things to buy and a place to relax and have a good time.


What it offers: Unique products that are sure to delight your senses and stimulate a

sense of wonder:

  • Fine Edibles: a variety of locally-produced jams, jellies, sauces, honey, coffee, and penny candy 
  • Toys: dazzling new gadgets and vintage toys that bring back memories for several generations.
  • Collectibles: rocks and minerals from the planet earth and outer space, fossils (including dinosaur poop), arrowheads, ancient coins, and other treasures.
  • Fine Tools and Books: titles for fishermen, gardeners, poets, and nature lovers.
  • Wearables: river (and other) t-shirts, a wide selection of jewelry (many of which are made by friends and family), hats, bags, scarves, and a host of other accessories.
  • Health and beauty products: soaps, essential oils, creams and jellies to rub on bellies, and a wide range  of CBD products.
  • Fine quality notebooks and scrap books to record your thoughts and save your memories


But it’s not just a store, it’s a place:

  • That is dedicated to protecting the local environment (and the planet)
  • Where people (locals and visitors) gather for conversation and play
  • That offers special educational events and nature walks
  • That is home to a blog filled with functional and fascinating facts and stories.


At Sunbeam you will find:

  • Unique products that are sure to stimulate a sense of wonder
  • Something for the person who seems to have everything
  • A place that promotes an earth-friendly lifestyle place and a kind and friendly atmosphere